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Born in Split (Croatia) on May 26, 1957. From small ages participate in numerous activities (physics, mathematics, sport, writing,…) In Physical Education first was an active gymnast (1964 - 1971) in "DTO" - Kaštela, and plays basketball 1971-1989. For a short time engage in table tennis, judo, football, chess and other. From 1979 - 1984 leader of all groups of DSR Recreation in Kaštela, with app. 5000 hours of PE when "DSR" acquire annual award of Town Split and award of Croatian Republic. Between 1984 and 2006 in few basketball clubs acts as trainer with very good results, especially with younger, with more then 10000 training hours. Through all that time frequently consultant for several activities. At 2001 winner on local chess championship. Active as amateur movie director, reporter, poetry collection editor, two years a choir singer, executive producer of music CD and two years leader of several groups in informatics (PC) school with State certification. Has been among rare authorized installers distributors of PC networks in Dalmatia. Several times designer of informatics networks and systems.


Almost 25 years of professional experience, mostly in informatics, as programmer, Director of center for data processing and system analytics of business processes. Some time works as Manager of sector for law tasks, human resources and safety tasks and actualy as University professor. Primary school finished at Kaštela 1971, middle economic school in Split 1977. Graduate at 1983 after 4-years full-time studies of Physical Education in Split and become a Professor of PE. Graduated at application of microcomputers in kinesiology. As one of the best students starts a scientific specialization on Postgraduate studies on Faculty for PE in Zagreb. Finished all demanded exams and other students obligations. Master thesis about Transformation processes defend at Faculty for PE in Sarajevo (by his own desire) and get a title Master of science. By intention for education continuation apply for Doctoral thesis in Sarajevo (Faculty for sports and PE). At 2004 after intensive and serious work defended complimentary estimated Doctoral thesis about Proces identification.

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Assoc.Prof.Dobromir Bonacin,PhD
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